Posted by: Bill von Achen | October 19, 2009

“Annual Reviews Are Antiquated”

In this past Sunday’s New York Times, Carol Bartz, the CEO of Yahoo, weighed in with her views regarding effective performance feedback.

Branding the standard annual performance review process as “antiquated,” she offered instead the ‘puppy theory’ of feedback, in which people are provided with immediate and precise feedback (both positive and negative) throughout the year.  

“When the puppy pees on the carpet, you say something right then because you can’t say six months later ‘Remember that day, January 12th, when you peed on the carpet?’  That doesn’t make any sense.”

While her analogy is a bit graphic, the sentiment is worth remembering.  

You can read more of Bartz’ views on management (she’s especially good about what you can learn from a ‘bad’ boss!) by clicking on the following link:

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