Posted by: Bill von Achen | April 2, 2010

This Year’s Most Popular Best Practices Postings

We began our weekly Best Practices postings on January 1st, 2010.  Now that we’re into the second quarter of the year, I thought I’d share with you excerpts from the four most popular postings so far:

Why Meeting Agendas Are Important (posted February 19th)
Despite all that’s been written on how to make meetings more effective, we continue to be amazed at the number of otherwise competent executives who ad-lib when it comes to organizing their business meetings.  A simple meeting agenda, distributed in advance, is perhaps the most important tool in ensuring a successful productive meeting, even when the meeting is between only you and one other person.  Read more

What Does a CFO Do? (posted January 29th)
For many privately held businesses, the decision to hire a chief financial officer (CFO) is often a difficult decision.  Beyond the issue of whether the company can afford a high-caliber financial professional, many business owners are often confused over just what it is that a CFO does or should do.  Read more

Some Lessons on Growth from a Technology Pioneer (posted January 8th)
More than 30 years ago, Bob Metcalfe started a company in Silicon Valley to develop a technology based on the theoretical foundations laid out in his doctoral dissertation. The company he founded was 3Com, and the technology that Metcalfe invented was the Ethernet, which today allows hundreds of millions of computers around the world to communicate with one another.  Read more

Survivor’s Instinct:  Keeping Valuable Employees in Tough Times (posted January 22nd)
For many business owners, simply surviving in 2009 was a major accomplishment. But now that the past year is safely behind us, it’s time to remember that your employees are survivors as well. And there are steps that you take to help ensure that your most valuable employees remain committed to your business, even as an improving economy provides them with new job opportunities and options.  Read more…

Of course, you may have other favorite business Best Practices from those that have been posted.  Or, you may have additional Best Practices that you’d like to share.  If so, I invite you to post your comments and ideas.  Thanks!

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