Posted by: Bill von Achen | July 2, 2010

This Year’s Most Popular Best Practices Postings, Part 2

With 2010 now half gone (hard to believe!), I’d like to share with you excerpts from the most popular postings this past quarter:

The Science and Practice of Employee Retention (March 26th)
While most of us have a preferred approach for retaining our best employees, it would certainly help to have a compilation of the best practices in employee retention, allowing us to choose a specific tactic that most closely aligns with the unique issues facing our companies.  Thanks to Dr. Todd Harris, Director of Research at PI Worldwide, we now have such a list.   Read more…

Achieving a Work-Life Balance (May 28th)
As we resume our work lives after the Memorial Holiday weekend, many of us will become all too aware of the continuous challenge we face in balancing the demands of our businesses and our careers with the personal and family priorities that are equally important to us.  However, according to a noted management consultant, the best solution actually lies in removing the barriers that we erect between our professional and personal lives.  Read more…

Customer Loyalty and the Net Promoter Score (May 14th)
As business leaders, we instinctively know the importance that satisfied customers and clients play in the ongoing growth and success of our companies.  Satisfied customers are a primary source of repeat business for existing products and services, and usually represent the most receptive prospects for new offerings.  And satisfied customers can serve as a strong referral point for business with new customers.   Read more…

Customer Service, Italian Style (June 4th)
Nowadays, we complain nearly all of the time about how few businesses remember how to provide quality service to their customers.  But a recent trip to Italy not only reminded me that the art of service is not dead, but that providing outstanding service is the key to almost any successful business.  Here are a few well-worn but important principles that I was reminded of during that trip.  Read more…

“I’m Building a Cathedral!”–The Role of Purpose in Motivation (May 7th)
At one of our recent Executive Book Club breakfasts, we discussed Daniel Pink’s new book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. That discussion, along with an e-mail from my friend Tim, has given me a fresh perspective on the role that purpose plays in motivating us, and our employees, to excel in our businesses and in our professional and personal lives.  Read more…

Do you have other favorite business Best Practices from those that have been posted this past quarter?  Or, do you have additional Best Practices that you’d like to share?  If so, post your comments and ideas.  Thanks!

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