Posted by: Bill von Achen | April 19, 2011

A Great Source for Potential Employees

With our stubbornly high unemployment rate, you’d think that the task of finding qualified candidates to fill open job positions would be easy.  Yet, at our monthly Best Practices group meetings last week, the common concern expressed by a number of our members was the continuing challenge of finding good people to fill critical positions.

Then, on Thursday, I received the following note from Kristin Draper, president of Draper Knitting in Canton: 

“Today, I attended a job fair for veterans at Gillette Stadium.  Since we are looking for a mechanic (and some of our best mechanics were trained in the military), we decided to take a gamble.” 

“WOW, what a giant pool of talent!  We met everyone, from nuclear submarine mechanics, chemists, and truck drivers, to senior accountants and administrative assistants, and everything in between.  There were some experience vets that might be looking to work for a few more years, as well as those who have just finished their 4 years of military service and are looking to settle down into civilian life.”

“If anyone is looking for skilled people, this is a great option!”

Just like any large organization, our nation’s military service requires a wide range of talented people to achieve its mission.  It offers a challenging work environment where performing “above and beyond” is the norm, and teamwork is the rule, not the exception.  Veterans of our military service are trained to focus on results, and possess the discipline and drive to ensure consistent progress.  That’s an employee profile that’s hard to match, regardless of the job!

There are two upcoming job fairs in the greater Boston area for service veterans, one at Northeastern University on May 25th (sponsored by the Veterans Administrations) and another at Gillette Stadium on September 15th (sponsored by  Additional information about the Northeastern event is available at  Details about the event at Gillette Stadium in September is available at

Thanks, Kristin, for sharing this great idea!

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