Posted by: Bill von Achen | May 20, 2011

A Simple Lesson in Employee Motivation

Patrick Lencione, author of the Five Dysfuctions of a Team and other business fables, penned a column in Business Week Magazine a while back entitled “The No-Cost Way to Motivate.”

Quoting Samuel Johnson, who noted that “people need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed,” Lencioni talks about the powerful impact on employee morale and motivation that comes from managers who simply take an active and genuine interest in the lives of their employees. 

Think that this simple lesson doesn’t apply to highly-skilled professional employees?  Think again.  Lencioni cites several examples, from a dedicated executive at a non-profit to richly-compensated professional athletes, who are disillusioned by the fact that their managers don’t seem to care one bit about their personal lives.  For Lencioni, professional fulfillment is about more than just a big paycheck or an important job title.  It’s also about being personally recognized and acknowledged.

Yes, connecting personally with employees takes time.  But, ironically, it can be the most cost-effective method for ensuring employee engagement, and their committment to the success of your business. 

You can read the complete text of Lencioni’s column by clicking on the following link…

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