Posted by: Bill von Achen | June 17, 2011

How Has Innovation Shaped Your Business, Part 2

Earlier this month, I suggested that innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, and that it happens in business almost every day. I asked our readers for their insights into how innovation has shaped their businesses.  I followed up on this subject in this past week’s Best Practices CEO peer group meetings, and I’ll share with you in a future posting some of the interesting insights that came out of those discussions.

In the meantime, one of our group members, Doug Youngen of Triumvirate Environmental, raved about a 20 year old segment from ABC’s Nightline about the development of a new concept for a shopping cart by the idea consultancy IDEO.  While you may not like the design concept that emerged from the IDEO team’s five intensive days of work, the video shines a light on the nuts and bolts process of innovation at work.  It also contains a number of suggestions on how to foster innovation and creative thinking.

You can view the short video (it’s only about eight minutes) by going to our Resources page and clicking on the first link uder the heading “Innovation.”

What does the IDEO concept teach us about innovation.  What lessons can you apply to stimulating innovation at your company?  Share your thoughts and ideas on these questions here.  Thanks!

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